We make 3D models of metal things to help you build them. Easy.

Confused? I know, it’s kind of hard to explain. We’ll take your ideas, sketches, photos or finished product, re-create it on the computer using SolidWorks, then generate drawings, cut-lists, CNC files… whatever is needed to make the actual fabrication quicker, easier and more accurate. Long story short, we build your things on the computer first, as mistakes on a computer are cheaper and easier to fix than mistakes on the shop floor or in the field.

We do more than that too. 3D scanning? Yep, we do that. 3D printing? We do that too. What about photo-realistic renders for promo-materials and the like? You bet. Chances are, if it needs a computer and it’s built out of metal structural members or sheet metal, we’ve done it.

Even if we can’t help, we’re really smart and funny. And handsome. So say hello.